Eli Lewis & Rafael Carreras at Tim Fuck

Eli Lewis & Rafael Carreras at Tim Fuck – Eli Lewis is a free man and we are celebrating by having him do what he does best – offer up his hole for cock and cum. Rafael Carreras, the smooth, spicy, latin top of our dreams dickmatizes Eli who readily assumes the position. It doesn’t.

Adam Bryant Fucks Tommy Regan in ‘Neighbrohood’ Part 2 at Men.com

Adam Bryant Fucks Tommy Regan in ‘Neighbrohood’ Part 2 at Men.com – Tommy Regan wants a piece of his other hot neighbor, Adam Bryant. He figures that the way to his cock is by offering him a service he knows he could use. Luckily, dog training is his specialty, along with cock sucking and getting his cute ass pounded by straight guys.

Tim and Bogdan Gromov At TimTales

Tim and Bogdan Gromov At TimTales – Today we see the Timtales Premiere of Bogdan Gromov, our new Bottom Sweetheart from Eastern Europe.

That cute face, that perfect smooth skin, delicious. Tim was the first to enjoy this handsome young man, Caio came later. Both fell in Love 😉

Bogdan was nervous at first when he entered our house, but as soon as they started to fuck everything was easy and relaxed. Perfect.

Have fun with this Movie.

Broke Straight Boys: Devon Felix Fucks Kyle Porter (Bareback)

Broke Straight Boys: Devon Felix Fucks Kyle Porter (Bareback) – Devon Felix and Kyle Porter each prep for their scenes in about the same way…by thinking of hot girls they’d like to bang, but there’s no pussy in our studio, so these guys get to satisfy their need with some tight ass instead! Kyle and Devon make out, kissing hard before Kyle strips Devon down and goes in for that cock, sucking on that sweet dick while Devon watches him make his cock harder and harder.

Devon Felix is up next, giving Kyle Porter head as he runs his lips over that juicy prick and sucks on Kyle’s balls while he plays with himself as well! These guys are horny for more than just oral and when they’re both hard, Devon lubes up and takes Kyle’s tight ass with his thick bareback knob, sticking his member deep inside of Kyle as they both moan in pleasure.

Kyle Porter gets fucked raw, Devon Felix positioning him however he needs to in order to get bury himself farther in Kyle’s ass, fucking Kyle from behind and slapping that ass as he pounds it! Kyle straddles Devon and takes rides Devon’s dick reverse cowboy style until he comes, but it takes Devon another minute of tight ass until he’s ready to unleash his load onto Kyle’s back!

Gabriel Jordan FUCKS Alex Griffen at GayHoopla

Gabriel Jordan FUCKS Alex Griffen at GayHooplaGabriel Jordan FUCKS Alex Griffen at GayHoopla – Gabriel Jordan has been curious his entire life about fooling around with men, but never had the courage to move forward with it. Today, GayHoopla helped him fulfill his fantasies. We set Gabriel up with Alex Griffen who really knows how to handle a cock. Once the first kiss ensued, Gabriel was all in. Filled with love and passion, Gabriel really had us questioning if this truly was his first time or, the tension over the years had finally been let loose.

Czech Hunter 237

Czech Hunter 237 – Another night, another try. Today I spotted a boy at the bus stop – his clothes got my attention. He looked a bit tired and seemed to prevent do be a rapper or a gangster with loads of necklaces and so on. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure whether it was good idea to approach him but then again I felt save as there were so many people around. And well, when I started to talk to him he appeared rather friendly than dangerous. We talked about the normal stuff to get the ice broken but I know that his time wasn’t endless as he was waiting for a bus. So I had to finally start to tell him about my fantasies… and my offer. His reaction was funny. He seemed not to be sure wether I was kidding him or serious. I showed him the money… after that it got damn serious.


CZECH HUNTER 238 – I was picking up a broken camera from a repair shop when I run into a very interesting young boy. We both waved at the same taxi passing by. After a small fight we decided to share the car as we both headed the same direction. The boy was super sweet and only 18 years old. When he mentioned his girlfriend, I got really interested. I can’t resist sweet and cute straight guys like him.
After a few minutes of small talk he told me a very important piece of information. He had a drunk gay experience involving a French kiss. I didn’t hesitate for a second and asked him to kiss me, on the cock. With plenty of money in hands he agreed and I knew this was going to be a fun ride. Fortunately, our driver was also very open-minded, after I offered him a generous tip 😉

Hanggang Dito Na Lamang At Maraming Salamat (2007)

Hanggang Dito Na Lamang At Maraming Salamat (2007) -Fidel is a “closet” gay and Julie is a flaming “queen,” but they are bosom buddies. Fidel has been paying for the education of young Efren, but is unable to confess his love for him–until events conspire for him to do so, with painful consequences.